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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Rameek
Sorry. I played football, basketball, baseball from street up to a semi-pro level.... I will say anything and everything to get into an opponents head. There is no such thing as my words that are off limits. I will talk about anything and everything personal made up or otherwise to get into your head. Sh!t we do it in golf.

Now cheap shots elbows etc... I can see it as a point to fight. I am not an advocate for that but when I played football yep I stepped on hands, I did things near the pile or if a receiver came across the middle I know he couldnt catch it but I sent the message. Basketball you have the rock you can push off the opponent I did it with my forearm and if I can knock you down somewhat yep I did it. Baseball you somewhat spike the opponent or run into them to break up double and triple plays. Close play at home I'm going to destroy the catcher to score a run. I will say anything before you putt if we play for money for you to miss that putt.

With that said I HATE KG. I HATE everything he stands for as a player because I dont know him as a man. But I personally wont soap box this because as a player in different sports I've done and said things. I do think KG pushes buttons but doesnt have heart.

#1 I have more issues with our guys not making KG pay for it than what he actually did but that being said, this wasn't a playoff game. OK...they won? And we STILL have the better record and still have to play them 3 more times. This wasn't do or die to where you have to do what you have to do. It wasn't like KG was treating it like it was his last game. I didn't see him diving into stands and playing like it was Game 7.

#2 It's ok if you want to go across that line to get me off my game. But it should also be equally ok for me to check you. If you want to tell me in old thing to get me off my game...fine. But do know I'm punching you square in the face lol More importantly, the guys who don't get playing time should be punching you in the face.
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