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Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
Actually, virtually none of these players have truly been proven guilty. Just McGwire and Palmeiro. Sosa was never proven, although he had those comments along the lines of "If anything comes up in the future, I'll address it and calmy wait for my induction to the hall of fame" and then has stayed silent since, including not refuting the NY Times report that he was one of the players who failed the 2003 tests. Still not proof, but makes him look like a jackass. He is however, a proven cheater due to the corked bat incident.

Even with Bonds, it's an absolute joke to have a guy who was better than everyone else for a decade not in. Anyone who watched Bonds knows how dominant this guy was. Even when he weighed maybe 190-200 pounds, his 1993 season destroys the seasons Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout just had which everyone made such a fuss about. And his feats even with roids are the most impressive I've seen from a hitter. Watching nobody throw him anything to hit, and still hit .370 with power, more home runs than strikeouts ect. I watched him and A-Rod, both steroid guys, Bonds was flat out better.
I was just stating that guilty until proven innocent applies to guys who almost certainly never juiced, Biggio, Bagwell, Piazza etc.

But I agree with you overall. I think Bonds deserves to be in one day, because even if he hadn't juiced he'd be a HOFer. And I make a similar argument for McGwire/Sosa. They might not have made it without steroids (I'm more than too young to remember the start of their careers, much less what they looked like then in comparison to how I remember them looking in the late 90s) But regardless, they saved baseball. Maybe they shouldn't be enshrined because of their records, but the fact that they pretty much saved it says they deserve to be in to me at least.
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