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Pete Rose without the betting is without a doubt a first ballot HOF'er.

-1x MVP
-1x WS MVP
-17x All-Star
-All-time leader in hits
-3x batting champion
-2x league leader in OBP
-Made the All-Star team at 5 different positions
-Had a .325 season as a 40 year old

Couldn't hit for power? Up to age 30, was pretty much in double digit home runs most seasons. He was good for 10-15 HRs at that point.

Couldn't steal bases? Stole double digit base 10 times, including a high of 20 at age 38.

At age 38, Pete Rose hit .331 with a .418 OBP, had 208 hits, and stole 20 bases.

Now he may not have been a model player in terms of gentlemanly conduct, but he was without a doubt a model player when it came to playing the game hard every day.
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