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Originally Posted by Rose
And I make a similar argument for McGwire/Sosa. They might not have made it without steroids (I'm more than too young to remember the start of their careers, much less what they looked like then in comparison to how I remember them looking in the late 90s)

They WOULD NOT have made it without steroids. I'll start with McGwire:

Following the lockout shortened season(age 31), McGwire had just 238 home runs, 834 hits, and was hitting less than .250 for his career. He was also coming off two consecutive severely limited seasons due to injuries. He could not stay healthy.

Rumor going around is he started taking steroids for the 1995 season. That season, he hit 39 HR/90 RBI in just 104 games. Compared to his first 6 seasons in terms of games played, he was on pace for roughly 55 HR/130 RBI, which would have broken by a good amount his personal highs of 49 HR and 118 RBI, both set in his rookie season in 1987. His career was on life support in 1994 and all of a sudden, he's back and hitting at a 55 HR 130 RBI pace, then his second full season back he's hitting 50+ HR with regularity?

Regarding Sosa, he didn't even hit more than 15 HR until his 5th season. He was also a tooth pick when he was young, much like Barry Bonds. Then he starts bulking up and is hitting 30 and 40 HR. As of 1997, he had cracked the 40 HR barrier only once and it was 40 on the nose when he did. How does a guy who's 30 years old, has cracked the 40 HR barrier only once, and averages around 30-35 HR end up hitting over 60 in 3 of the next 4 seasons? I'm sorry, but you don't hit your peak in your mid 30s or when you're in the league for 10 years.

You take away steroids, Barry Bonds is a HOF'er. He proved that in Pittsburgh and his first few seasons in San Fran. McGwire was about to be out of the league at 31 and Sosa was only a 30-35 HR guy until age 30.
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