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Default Re: GOAT defensive players?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Barry getting his team in trouble with negative runs certainly was a big deal IMO

Barry ranks 3rd all time in total rushing yards
Barry ranks 2nd all time in rushing yards per game

I dont know where 5ypc rank but it has to be high. 5 and above for a career is elite given you put in yards (10).

Yet Barry negative yards hurt the team. And Deion poor tackling never did. Ok.

You are entitled to your opinion. I honestly dont bash Deion for being a lousy tackler. Its a knock, a flaw in his game keeping him from being complete. As far as cover corners goes? He was the best to ever do that imo. I just dont see why you cant just agree with what Deion Sanders was and wasnt. Keep it simple. Great cover corner, bad run support corner. It is what it is because having said that doesnt tarnish, diminish what he means to the game of football at all. He's in Canton with the scarf over his head.

When it comes to other great players you have no problem nitpicking at stuff. When it comes to Deion? You do. I just find it hilarious.
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