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Murray is a free agent who probably won't be back. Pavlovic stinks. DJones is being shopped.

Hindsight is always 20/20. The guy that the Cavs really wanted was Michael Redd, but he decided to stay with the Bucks. I thought the Cavs should have went after Joe Johnson harder than they did, but Hughes was definitely the 3rd best option (I don't believe Allen ever had any intention to leave the Sonics). It didn't help that he was injured most of the regular season and lost his brother in the middle of the playoffs. Remember... the Cavs were 18-10 and playing really well when Hughes had his surgery. If he could have played the entire season (or atleast most of it), who knows how well they could have done in the playoffs.

I still think the main problem with the Cavs is that they don't have a PG with any range. If they did, it would open things up for Larry to slash to the hoop.

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