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Originally Posted by TheBigAristotle1
The cavs shelled out like 10 million a year for a non-shooting 2 gaurd when they already have Eric Snow in the starting lineup , not to mention Pavlovic and Harris (who are both much better fits next to Lebron anyway). Then they go out and Flip Murray, an undersized 2 gaurd with limited range. And to top it off they go out and draft Shanon Brown. Why are the cavs stockpiling shooting gaurds, and why did they overpay such a mediocre player as Larry Hughes.

The Cavs now have atleast 4 shooting gaurds (5 if you count Damon Jones): Hughes, Pavlovic, Murray, Brown.

They paid hughes a little too much, ill agree with that. But he's a very talented player. You cant blame him on not performing well when he was injured over half of the season. Just give him time and he will perform. The cavs actually have 3 SG as of now. Hughes, Pavlovic, and Brown because they wont be resigning Murray because he's a free agent. They had to have gotten Shannon Brown. They weren't gonna let him pass up. He was one of the biggest steals of the draft and he shouldn't have gotten left that far behind. There first priority was a PG but there weren't any really worth getting over brown at the time, so they picked up Daniel Gibson out of texas with their first 2nd round pick. SO hit yourself in the head with a hammer senor. WHACK WHACK WHACK
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