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Default Re: Why I'm still not sold on this team

I'm actually with Rameek. I don't wanna have to play the Nets early in the playoffs. I also don't wanna have to play the Pacers or Bulls. I'd rather play the Celtics believe it or not. I also disagree that to beat the Heat you have to outplay LeBron.

Furthermore, I DO think we have a player that can outplay him. I'm not saying Melo is better than LeBron but it isn't farfetched that he could outplay LeBron in a series. I think to beat the Heat you have to have your star even that matchup (which Melo has and is capable of doing). Then you have to have a big man that's a threat enough to make LeBron guard Melo. I STILL maintain that Lebron hates to have to guard Melo. The key to us beating Miami will be Amare Stoudemire making Miami have to start a PF and a Center. If Miami is allowed to go small and LeBron is allowed to play pf, you lose. Why? Because no other team has a 2 guard that's going to outplay D Wade AND now LeBron doesn't have to work hard on the defensive end.

I think our problem last year was, we didn't get much out of amare and chandler offensively, so LeBron wasn't forced to guard Melo. Therefore, he could just play passing lanes and we all know he's arguably the best at that in the league. And don't even get me started on how good Miami is on the break. If LeBron is occupied guarding Melo and you have a big man that's a threat, Now everyone has to work on defense. They can't cheat and help as much. Last year, all LeBron had to do was defend the pick and roll and Tyson Chandler became inept. We had no other big man who was a threat, so they could go small and put Battier on Melo with LeBron and Wade lurking.
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