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Default Re: Why I'm still not sold on this team

Originally Posted by niko
We've won two out of three, and the last game we steamrolled them. Outside of the OKC game they've played and beaten terrible teams and they are in the midst of their post coach bump. By playoff time Lopez foot will be hurting, Deron will be hurting and they'll be look at each other like "will PJ shut up?"

For the Knicks to not impress you but the Nets to impress you puzzles me. I think the Nets get way too much credit. They are a team that's had a fairly favorable schedule, and pretty much loses when they play good teams.

I don't think the Knicks are fantastic but they have clearly played at a higher level than the Nets.
I wont respond to the Miami comment. I dont even have to dignify that.

Its about matchups. Nets are a great rebounding team that have a number of hard nosed players in the blocks. The Knicks dont match that. I never said I was impressed with the Nets. I said they are starting to right the ship. You want to discuss quality wins or wins after PJ? How many games were they behind before PJ and now? Dont look now here they come.

You want to live off the first few weeks of the season or deal with the reality that we have now?

Thats all I'm saying. Dont look now Pacers are on our heals. Celtics can figure it out. Atlanta keeps on chugging along. You know how many games that separates 1st seed and 8th seed 5.5 games

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