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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

So my best friend's oldest son just turned 7 this past summer. And after buying him the best hoop I could get my hands on, the adjustable full glass backboard retractable rim, and spending the summer and fall horsing around with him and his brother, who just turned 5, I was asked if I'd help coach them in our town youth center league.

Our team is the Under 8 league, and we're all 7 or 8, with the exception of Jake who just turned 5 beginning of December. Mike turned 7 in the summer. They're both monsters, like off the charts size wise.

We've got 10 kids. A very shy young black kid Brandon, is bone thin, but taller than Mike. Mike is our second tallest, and a beast. Casey is Mike's best friend, and he's no small guy, plus he's a very good ballhandler and passer already, and his brother is a 6-8 baseball prospect. After that we Gio, who's probably never gonna be great, but he's a scrappy little bastard that I'd go to war with every night.
And my prized jewel. Dakota is good size, probably the fourth biggest on the team. He played football for me a summer ago, and he's okay there. But he's got two older brothers and a father who all love basketball. And he can really handle the thing. And I've become completely obsessed with accelerating this kid's development into a HS level PG even at 8.
It's becoming an issue because I'm not even using him the same in practice as other kids. He's getting more detailed instruction. And I'm using him in drills differently from other kids, which I know isn't fair, but this kid could be really good, and I feel like I can help him. His parents and I have already started talking about working out in the summer, in a casual kind of way, like getting pick up games with the right kids.

We're really good. 4-0 so far, with none being close. When we started we were told double digit games wouldn't be common. That hasn't been true. 18-25 seems pretty good. But we're averaging 38. We're even running a fast break, which is just crazy.

We get allmost no practice time. An hour a week, usually on half a court only. I walked in with almost no idea how to coach kids this age. We started with just layup lines. Horseshoe drills. Shoelace pattern passing. We do a little zig zag dribbling. Now we're up to some pattern dribble pass shoot drills. This past practice we even split it to three lines and did some reaction decision making, with me and my buddy jumping on players and making the ball handler decide what to do.
Defensively we're not allowed to press or double team, and a 2-3 zone is almost all we can do. Offensively, we've talked to our players about week spots in the zone. The high post. And we work on moving without the ball to spots on the wings. We do a lot of flash and go work without the ball. Mainly it's a lot of "get open".
We're insanely positive. It's been a lot of fun. But if anyone has any ideas on what else to do coaching at this level, please chime in. I'll take any advice I can get. This is different than anything I've done before.
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