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Default PREDICTIONS: Next 6 games

Jan. 13: vs New Orleans W
Jan. 17: @ Detroit W
Jan. 21: vs Brooklyn L
Jan. 24: @ Boston L
Jan. 26: @ Philadelphia W
Jan. 27: vs Atlanta L

My prediction: 3-3

We'll start off by playing 3 games in 12 days. That should be enough for us to regroup,rest and figure out what's wrong and how to fix it.
This stretch of games will say a lot about where we are currently.
For start it will show us can we still beat inferior teams. Losses against NO and Detroit would be a disaster.
Then we face 3 division rivals (BK,BOS,PHI) and Atlanta who's only game and a half behind us in the standings (they might be even in front at the time of game).

We should really go 4-2. Beat NO and DET and then at least split against BK,BOS,PHI and ATL.

If go 3-3 or worse it's time to be really concerned.

After these 6 games we have a stretch of Orlando,Milwaukee,Sacramento,Detroit,Washington and Minnesota.
If we can't rack up wins even against these teams then it's panic mode time

Say what you want about Felton but he's a really important piece to this team. When is he coming back ? We're 3-5 without him and you can see we miss him a lot without even having to look at our record.

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