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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Melo in the first 23 games (18-5 record):
27.9 points,6.4 rebounds,2 assists on 46.7% shooting (45.5% for three)

Melo in the last 13 games (5-8 record):
32.7 points,5.8 rebounds,3.3 assists on 45.1% shotting (39% for three)

As the stats show his points are way up,his assists are up while the shooting percentages and rebounding are slightly down.

Overall he's been the same.

Let's now take a look at our role players during the last 13 games (5-8 record):

Jason Kidd: 7.8 points on 35.6% 3-pt%
Ronnie Brewer: 2 points on 31.4% FG and 25% for three
Felton: out for the most part
Sheed: out

This is our problem. ROLE PLAYERS. Not Melo. ROLE PLAYERS.
Kidd was shooting 50% for three at the start. Brewer started the season shooting +40% for three. Look at them now. J.R.Smith have been playing great lately but his 3-pt percentage is also down. He was shooting like 60% for three to start the season,unreal.

Our role players either got injured or seriously regressed. Kidd is not automatic anymore. Brewer is so bad offensively that he fell out of the rotation. Felton and Sheed are hurt.
The only guy that is playing better than at the start of the season is Tyson. That's it. Everybody else disappeared on offense or got hurt. And I won't even talk about defense. Our defense in the first few games and our defense right now is like day and night.

Give him a break. He didn't have a good 2 games,still put up 30/6/5 and he's the reason for our struggles ? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND ?

How to fix the problem ? Start playing defense. Despite having only 2 players capable of doing something on offense right now (Melo and J.R.) we're still good enough on offense to win some games if we play good defense. We don't have to play elite defense. Just good or even mediocre. But you aren't beating the Bulls with allowing them 108 and 110 points on your home floor.
Felton and Shumpert will eventually get back so the Knicks will start playing better. Until then we can just hope they will just show up on defense once in a while and that Melo and J.R. will shoot the ball well because everyone else sucks without Felton creating opportunities for them. Felton might be a low efficient chucker but his penetration opens up so much space for others. Without him Kidd,Brewer,Tyson and whatever 40 year old starts at PF are completely useless on offense.

Knicks fans should do the next:
1) Pray the Knicks will start playing some kind of defense
2) Pray for Felton to return as quickly as possible
3) Pray for Shumpert to remotely look like himself when he comes back.
4) Pray for Melo and J.R. to have hot shooting nights
5) Pray some of our role players will actually stop being useless on offense for a game or two

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