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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
Sorry man, his shot attempts, minutes, and usage is way up.

The defense is down to the point of non existent, and the offense has came down to all iso.

I called this before the game last nite, feel free to look at the post.

Melo would get his, but will the Knicks win?

He gets the credit in wins, but no way you can dodge him in losses.

He's our MVP, we rise and fall at his hands.
Of course they are up. Melo needs to play heavy minutes because without Felton everybody besides J.R. are completely useless on offense. And let's not act like their defense is keeping them in games so we can tolerate bad offense.

Simply put,we rely on Melo to score 30+ every night just to keep us in games. If he played 30 minutes per game and let others get more shots we would be losing by 20 every night

Sorry man,but no way you can blame Melo for our 5-8 stretch. He's been doing his thing. We ask him to score,he's been elite at that. 6 rebounds per game is nothing to brag about but it's solid,right around his career average. His assists in the last 13 games are actually up. He plays best defense of his career.

There's no ball movement,that's result of Felton being out and having no one to penetrate and create easy looks for others. Our defense is bad but that's a team thing,no way you can only blame Melo for that.

So for our recent struggles you can blame 3 things:
1) Injuries
2) Role players proving they are useless without Felton
3) Team defense

But no way you can blame ONLY Melo for that. He's doing what we expect him to do. It's the role players who need to step up because we're not getting anything from them besides J.R. and maybe Tyson with his rebounding. Others have been just horrible at everything. Offense,defense, name it.
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