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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Please, injuries happen all over the place, useless excuse.

We just got beat three times with a team that has had a myriad of injuries themselves, and still without their BEST PLAYER.

This team has had injuries all year, and when they were winning, no one even looked at the injuries, but to the guys on the court.

So, nope, that dont fly.

Like I said, feel free to blame the role players in losses, then make sure you credit them in wins.

It cannot go both ways.

You want melo to receive all the credit in wins, but blame the role players ion losses.

That's ridiculous.

Melo got his numbers last night and i knew folks would claim he is doing his job.

But no one was worse than him in the first half, on offense or defense.

He seriously could have sat out the first half and it wouldn't have been any worse.

1-10 and allowing Deng with 21 first half points......ball game.
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