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Default Re: We're getting out of Afghanistan.

Originally Posted by RidonKs
the us will want a permanent military establishment in afghanistan the same as it wanted -- and got -- in iraq. they aren't going to up and leave for good and turn a dozen years of regime change and subsequent 'counterinsurgency' into a giant waste of time and resources. they went in for a reason and they stayed for a reason,

I think the reason we stayed is it's extremely difficult for any American general or president to admit we didn't unequivocably win the war. How you can anyone say we've lost when we're still fighting? (Would anyone know who Lindsay Graham is if not for the fact, this kind of thinking is very popular with the US media?)

With the case of Afghanistan, do we get to choose to avoid the "giant waste of time and resources?" I also don't understand the word turn in this context. Are you telling me, it's not already as we speak a giant waste of time and resources? The best most pro-American guy we could find pretty much steals our aid money and trafficks heroin to our cities. I'm sure being there helped us go after Al Qaeda in the Tribal areas of Pakistan, but how much more of that do we currently need?

Originally Posted by RidonKs
if the us were to completely withdraw, they'd forfeit one of the most strategically placed countries in the world

It might be strategically placed, but is it strategically useful? Or is it far more headache than it's worth? Even after we leave, the civil war will continue and it will remain a failed state for decades.
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