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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
Feel free to dig posts, I beg you to do so.
Your issue is you dont want to give the role guys any credit.

Here you go:
Posts that I found just by clicking on random pages of this thread.
Originally Posted by Clutch
Tyson has been playing well ever since that Houston debacle.

His stats after the Houston game (8 games overall):
16.3 points,11.5 rebounds on 74% shooting.

Those are great numbers. His help defense still isn't there but his one on one defense has been good.

Originally Posted by Clutch
I could hardly be more impressed with the way Knicks played tonight. Yes,they hit some contested ones but a lot of their threes were wide open which was a result of beuatiful ball movement.

I've hoped for a win but I could've never imagined we'll crush the Heat like this without half of our team and on the road. Just a reminder,Heat were unbeaten at home until tonight.

Player of the game: Raymond Felton
27 points,4 rebounds,7 assists

Novakaine hit some momentum shots. Kidd made a lot of smart plays too. Brewer's defense on LeBron in the 2nd half was great. J.R. also hit some threes. Sheed played good defense in the 2nd half. Tyson was pretty good all game long.

Team as a unit played great.


Then you even have a thread about Kidd:
Just read some threads carefully and you'll see a bunch of posters giving Kidd credit and saying how good Brewer is early in the season.
Originally Posted by knickscity
Who's in the MVP race?

That should tell you who gets the credit.
Melo SHOULD get the most credit because he's obviously the best and most valuable player on this team. Melo isn't the only one but is the MAIN reason why we're winning games. On the other hand he's NOT the main reason why we've been losing them.

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