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Default Re: Nation-State Draft 3

United Mexican States
My nation will be a liberal democracy and encourage a neutralist policy. WE will push the Green Movement so we provide a healthy and natural environment for our population. Mexico is a beautiful country with lots of history so tourism will be an important source of income. Mexicos also has rich agricultural resources Main crops include corn (ranked 4th worldwide), sorghum (4th), and beans (5th). Mexico is also a major producer and exporter of fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products, being among the top 10 producers of avocado, cacao, coffee, lemon, mango, orange, tomato, sugarcane, honey and banana. Mexico also has the climatic conditions which allow the production and export of cattle, pigs, goats and sheep. This conditions will also be a main source of income for Mexico but also supply mexicos population with food.
My main economic goal is to minimize the disparity between the rich and poor people in society.

The president is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, considered a liberal in his time FDR lead the USA through the Great Depression and then went on to kick Hitlers ass in WW2. A Great Military and Economic Leader who will lead Mexico to World Domination.

The Presidents personal adviser is John Locke on of the most influential philosophers and the Father of classic Liberalism, he will also be my head of education

Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, He will be my Secretary of State and use his diplomatic abilities to form bonds with other countries and increase Mexicos influence all over the world. He will also sustain Mexicos peace and non

The Big 3 of Science, Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur and Norman Bourlag
Newton, will be the minster of science. Pasteur will complement Newton with his knowledge of chemistry and biology, he will focus on medical innovations so my countries population will stay healthy. Norman, my Minister of agriculture will focus on maximizing my countries agricultar resources and also sustaining my countries flora and fauna.

Adam Smith, will be the nations economic guide, in his time the most influential economical philosophy with his innovations mexico will always be ahead of his competitors in that field and Amadeo Giannini the head of the federal bank, his liberal views and interest in helping the working and middle class stem the development of a huge gap between the richest and poorest of society

Khalid Ibn Al Walid is best known for his tactical prowess, he was victorious in a 100 battles and will be my nations Military General. Gaius Julius Caesar is my Minister of National Defense. These two will ensure Mexicos peace and neutrality,since my country has no intention of expanding.

Oprah Winfrey, probably the most influential women on earth right now will not be an official member of government but Mexicos main media figure will assure that the population has confidence in current government.
She will also give the President relationship advice.
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