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Default Re: I'm at PEACE knowing Management fcuked us all

Originally Posted by Dictator
Mike Brown got us to the WCF. We would've won if we had someone to stop Westrbook.

LA might not even make the "playoffs" under Dantoni.

Dantoni is better than Mike Brown?

You gotta be kidding me. Under Mike Brown teams avgd 95 against us. Under Dantoni teams now avg 107points.

Hahahaha........apparently you don't know me at all I never wanted 'Antoni under any circumstances and am not saying that he is better than Mike Brown. Everyone on here knows that I wanted Mike Brown fired and I'm still very happy that they did, I'm just pissed about them hiring another terrible coach instead of Phil or Sloan or other candidates who would've gotten us to a championship this year.
Amazing that we hired the 2 worst guys available
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