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Default Re: Nation-State Draft 3

Originally Posted by kNIOKAS
Is it any good? Civ 4 was trash and I heard Civ 3 was best but stupid/buggy in a way.

OH yeah it runs WAY better than Civ 4 which had some horrid bugs. Fighting is drastically improved, it's now a much more difficult to capture cities, and there are city states that don't really compete as civilizations, but can still cause a number of problems. Also two units can not longer stack on the same square so you can't stack 20 units and go pillage the world like you could in older versions.

Other than that it's basically the same game since Civ 3, but with improved graphics, different civilizations and scenarios and such.

I've had Civ 5, for a few years now, the expansion adds some scenarios and extra civilizations and also I think builds up religion more in some way.
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