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Default Re: I'm at PEACE knowing Management fcuked us all

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Nah....I know how to run a businesses and when your business sucks you lose money. It doesn't take to long to go from the penthouse to the sewer.....remember when Myspace was red hot?
If you had any idea.....any at all, you would know that it would take no more than 3 home playoff games to have paid Phil's salary in speaking of Phil, if you knew anything about me you would know that I am NOT a big Phil guy.....never have been, but in light of the disaster that MB turned the team into, and the talent we had amassed it was the safest choice to hire Phil. Why.....he has won more titles than anyone ever and THIS would be the best roster he has EVER HAD.

Spending other people's money? What a loony statement, the Lakers would definitely make a ton more money this year if they hired Phil.......maybe you need to go to business school? U.S.C could help you out as they did for me last century

The Lakers have become the joke of the NBA this year, and you don't spend $100 million to lose.....THAT is idiotic business, so if you have to pay $10 million more to make $30 million more plus additional revenue....then only an idiotic businessman passes on this deal.

Now let's say....god help us, that YOU owned the Lakers and sat on @ss like Nero and watched Rome burn....not the TV, and the Clippers won the title 2 out of the next 3 years, Kobe and Nash where is your legacy? You become as obsolete as a jumbo 1980's cell phone (See Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps ) It will be a hard, agonizing road back......just ask the Celtics. Sure, we're a bit spoiled now but a smart fan knows that you better get as spoiled as possible when you have the talent, spoiled by success.

You have much to learn

By the way Mr. Sax, I know what his name is but since that Mther Focker has never even considered playing defense he gets no d from me........he's just 'Antoni.

Have you ever thought that maybe the Lakers aren't a very good team anymore or are you like those Raider fans OR Steelers fans that still live in the past with the Steel Curtain? Do you honestly think that the Lakers could have beaten the Thunder the other night if they had a better coach? Management has surrendered to the fans in that they expect to win a championship EVERY YEAR!!! Ain't gonna happen. ALL teams get better. Accept it! Do you really think that Dwight Howard is a great player?? Please, you're kidding, right? All of you who lobbied for got taken. You bought into the bullshit hype. He's jive.

Seems to me that all that Laker management cares about is that Kobe gets scoring champ of the year. Hell, it's LA. Fans just care about reverse dunks.

Maybe it's time to do the "R" word. You know, rebuild. Get young, hungry guys. Steve Nash, Dwight Howard?? You gottem'. So what do you think, eh?
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