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Default Re: I'm at PEACE knowing Management fcuked us all

Originally Posted by mr sax
Have you ever thought that maybe the Lakers aren't a very good team anymore or are you like those Raider fans OR Steelers fans that still live in the past with the Steel Curtain? Do you honestly think that the Lakers could have beaten the Thunder the other night if they had a better coach? Management has surrendered to the fans in that they expect to win a championship EVERY YEAR!!! Ain't gonna happen. ALL teams get better. Accept it! Do you really think that Dwight Howard is a great player?? Please, you're kidding, right? All of you who lobbied for got taken. You bought into the bullshit hype. He's jive.

Seems to me that all that Laker management cares about is that Kobe gets scoring champ of the year. Hell, it's LA. Fans just care about reverse dunks.

Maybe it's time to do the "R" word. You know, rebuild. Get young, hungry guys. Steve Nash, Dwight Howard?? You gottem'. So what do you think, eh?

The most ridiculous thing you have ever said.....seriously.
Compare the current roster to the roster we had for our last 2 if we are not good now we were horrific then according to your assessment of our current team.....forget Dwight, we won titles without Bynum....besides Dwight's 10 shots per game don't hurt us. It seems like you are blinded by the completely obvious, we have a terrible coach who only a moron would hire. No hindsight, I was furious that they even interviewed the guy.
A good coach would put the players in the right spots, run the right offense and defense and either win the title or get to the finals......are you going to tell me that this team is not better than what Phil had......please, that makes you sound like our 2 coaches.

As for my Raiders, they suck, I know they suck, I laugh about it because what else can I do. They, just like the Lakers keep hiring incompetent guess what, kids don't even remember that they were once the winningest franchise in all of sports......nor that they won 3 Super Bowls............Jimmy seems happy to lead us down that same path.
Remember when your friends would offer you free Clippers tickets and you would say HELL NO!!!! Those could soon be Lakers tickets.
Ask the Bulls how quick and easy it is to get back to the top......Celtics........hell, it was a long time between Showtime and Kobe.
Ask the Knicks how good 'Antoni is

Please Mr. Sax, post some sensible stuff, I know you are better than this.....sincerely
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