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Default Re: InsipeHoops Survivor 2013: Vote Off the Biggest Troll

Originally Posted by The Real JW
You might've dropped the opinion by now, but I remember when you insisted in 2011 that LeBron was ahead of Magic all-time and an unquestionably better player.

Ha!! Hell no, that did NOT happen... but i do believe that Lebron is a better overall talent than Magic was (not unquestionably), has nothing to do with accolades but with what the players can/could do on the court on both ends... again i base this opinion on what i have seen from both players on both ends and ofcourse i consider all types of reasonable facts which can at least microscopically hint at how good they were (such as their on court productions on both ends)... i can show you what i mean if you wish...

No, its not ludicrous to think Lebron was a better overall talent than Magic... if you think it is then its you who is "trolling"...

You've also claimed that 2011 was Wade's fault

No, i "claimed" that the reason to why Lebron only averaged 15 FGA (less than any of his career playoff series) and averaged 18 PPG despite shooting 48% had something to do with Wade being on fire and Lebron hence being passive, to passive for his own good actually.... and i didnt like that, Wade took kindof a #1 option/leader role all of the sudden after playing a 2nd fiddle to Lebron entire season, i didnt like that because i knew that this team would go only as far as Lebron could take them and for that to happen Lebron had to lead & do his thing..... even Wade recognised this and officially/verbally took the "sidekick" role next year... and look what happened?

But ofcourse, partially it was also Wades fault to the 2011 Loss, he played pretty bad after Game 4 and especially in Game 6 and was just like Lebron not able to deliver in the clutch... if he was then im sure they would have won the championship wouldnt they?

and that LeBron deserves zero blame for the Heat losing to the Mavs.


Final conclusion: Did you even read what i mean/said in those threads or did you just take a glanse at the thread of the topics and make your own assumption? No pun intended

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