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Default Re: Rank these forms of entertainment

1. Music
2. TV Shows
3. Movies
4. Video Games
5. Books

I based it on the amount of emotion they bring out. Almost every song I hear has SOME kind of emotional attachment/memory that goes along with it. Some make you happy, sad, pumped for a workout, make you miss a family member or ex, remind you of spending time with friends, going out partying, graduations, to me just hits the hardest

TV shows and movies are kind of a tossup, but I just think you build more of an attachment to TV show characters because you get more than 2 hours of their story, so there's been some TV shows that really draw me in. Movies can be the same but like I said there's not as much attachment because you dont get to "know" their characters as well.

Video games make me cuss. A lot. That's a lot of emotion.

Books don't really bring out any emotion in me. I use them more to relax.

edit: oops didnt see that you wanted it based on time spent. Well my rankings are for personal preference. For time spent, just switch TV and music.

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