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Default Re: Are these legit basketball arguments?

Yeah. honestly in general i think the art of legit debate is dead and gone. This new generation of people 16 and under just have this idea that they know everything about everything because they have the internet at their fingertips. My nephew is 11...him and his friends will be talking about WWE saying "man i miss how things were back in 98" because they watch some Youtube videos of the Attitude Era and now have all these fond "memories" of it.

Or they'll be saying how Glen Rice sucked because they can't find highlights of him online, and I try to explain that he wasn't a high flyer, he wasnt a shot blocker, but he was a deadly shooter...nope not good enough. No youtube videos = not good.

I mean look at the OTC even. Everyone is a fitness expert. Everyone is an animal expert, a political expert, a economic expert, electronics expert, everyone knows spanish, french...because all you have to do is google something and repeat what you find. You don't have to actually KNOW anything until it comes up in conversation, you research it for a second and all of a sudden you have the right to talk on it like you've been studying it for years
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