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Default Re: Create your own deserving All star team 2013

Originally Posted by La Frescobaldi
JJ Hickson is Blazer center. LMA is their Pf.

But if I heard right, there's no center position in the All Star game anymore so Pekovic will never get an All-Star nod which is pathetic.

Not really. If you watch the Blazers, Hickson isn't really playing C. It's like Aldridge has been tricked into it. He guards the opposing centers most of the time. He guards the lane most of the time. Hickson is usually running around like a chicken with no head. If he was truly playing C, the Blazers would have a worse record.

Also, that's not necessarily true. It just makes it harder for Pekovic to start due to there not being another standout C. If he plays like an all-star, he'll make a team.
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