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Default Re: It needs to be discussed. Manning and his shortcomings

Originally Posted by Heavincent
It's not like Brady doesn't have his fair share of skidmarks on his playoff resume.

-Lost to the Giants twice in humiliating fashion.
-Humiliated by the Jets in 2010. The same team that they demolished 45-3 just a few weeks before.
-Got smacked by the Ravens in 09

I'd say that Brady only has 1 great playoff performance in the last 4 years. He's a better playoff performer than Peyton, but Brady is far from perfect in the playoffs.

This is why Montana is the GOAT imo. He's superior to both Peyton and Brady as a playoff performer.


Montana's playoff record in 23 starts = 16-7

Brady's playoff record in 23 starts = 17-6

Montana won 4 conference championships. Brady won 5.

Montana had 4 one and dones in the playoffs in his career.

The only reason people think he was better than Brady in the playoffs, is because people simply are only counting his 4 Superbowl games to base it on, and not the whole body of work.

As soon as Brady wins that 4th Superbowl, which will eventually happen sooner or later, he passes Montana instantly all-time.
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