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Default Re: Are these legit basketball arguments?

Originally Posted by B-Low
"I've been watching since _____" and "you weren't even born yet" are valid IMO.

You can't tell everything about a player/team based on stats and youtube highlights. Some people you have to have actually seen to really appreciate what they could do. It always trips me out to see people who were born in '99 talking about Bill Russell and Oscar like they saw them play. "LOL dude Big O could do it all he'd embarrass Chris Paul!! I saw a 3 minute mix of him on youtube!"

They are valid to a point but you can't dismiss an argument simply based on that fact.

I feel quite confident in my knowledge of the games of guys I never saw based on a wealth of information I have consumed in various forms of media.

It's the details that people are talking about when they say that, but some of us are good at picking out the details without having to be alive. This in no way trumps someone who was there, because they could provide more of them, but it doesn't dismiss the argument either.
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