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Default Re: New York City has the best music by far

Originally Posted by Bigsmoke
-best artist= Nas "Biggie, 2pac, and Jay-Z were all born in NYC anyway"
-best album= Illmatic by Nas
-like 8 of the 10 best producers are all from New York
-again... Nas is from New York
-damn near every good album in the 80's were from New York which many people say it the golden era
-the best Latino rapper "Big Pun" was from there too
-best punchline rapper "Big L" was from there
Joey Bada$$ is next up
-New York actually got better after Biggie died because they have a shit load of talent over there. Kendrick Lamar is really the only good west coast rapper since 2pac died


you realize there are other forms of music besides hip hop right?
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