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One time I had a free moment in between classes at the university so I went to the school library and inexplicably had the urge to YouTube hockey fights. So, I plugged in my headphones and went to work.

Alas, halfway through Chris Osgood's rowdy brawl against Patrick Roy, with the announcers one step below yelling so as to be heard above the uproarious crowd, I began to notice a classmate I knew of (but didn't really know) looking in my direction.

Turns out the audio wasn't even playing in my headphones. It was just blasting loud enough throughout the library that, through my earbuds, it seemed like it was coming through my headphones. I felt awesome. I'm certain the ladies nearby were all overcome with the arousing effects that come with witnessing a 22 year man using his downtime to look up decade-old hockey fights.
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