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Default Re: I'm at PEACE knowing Management fcuked us all

Originally Posted by DKLaker
The most ridiculous thing you have ever said.....seriously.
Compare the current roster to the roster we had for our last 2 if we are not good now we were horrific then according to your assessment of our current team.....forget Dwight, we won titles without Bynum....besides Dwight's 10 shots per game don't hurt us. It seems like you are blinded by the completely obvious, we have a terrible coach who only a moron would hire. No hindsight, I was furious that they even interviewed the guy.
A good coach would put the players in the right spots, run the right offense and defense and either win the title or get to the finals......are you going to tell me that this team is not better than what Phil had......please, that makes you sound like our 2 coaches.

As for my Raiders, they suck, I know they suck, I laugh about it because what else can I do. They, just like the Lakers keep hiring incompetent guess what, kids don't even remember that they were once the winningest franchise in all of sports......nor that they won 3 Super Bowls............Jimmy seems happy to lead us down that same path.
Remember when your friends would offer you free Clippers tickets and you would say HELL NO!!!! Those could soon be Lakers tickets.
Ask the Bulls how quick and easy it is to get back to the top......Celtics........hell, it was a long time between Showtime and Kobe.
Ask the Knicks how good 'Antoni is

Please Mr. Sax, post some sensible stuff, I know you are better than this.....sincerely

Not to take sides here because I see where you and mr sax are both coming from. I'd like to answer the first part of your post.

When we had the roster that won 2 chmpionships, it wasn't just about the stars but we had also had very good role players step up when they were needed the most. Take for example Ariza's performance against Orlando in the finals, or Artest's big offensive output against the celtics in game 7. These are just examples of how Phil Jackson had brought the best out of all of his players, and when the time had come, the team was always playoff-ready.

Now let us compare the two rosters. This roster has 5 guys that can average 20 points a game on any other team. Now lets look at the role guys.

* Did we expect Jodie Meeks to be as inconsistent as he is thus far into the season?

* Did we expect Jamison to be inconsistent as he is thus far into the season?

* Would guys like Darius Morris get playing time on other teams?

This all leads to what I think, is just one question regarding this team. With Nash, Kobe, Dwight, and Pau Gasol all having conflicting styles of basketball, could the main problem of this lakers team be that they do not yet have an identity? I think thats the main issue. If they had any idea of what the team's identity would be, we can probably count on the role players all contributing appropriately.

This now presents the problem that D'Antoni is forcing an identity on this team that cannot come away successful, with this team being considerably old, and our youngest starter is a Center, which are generally slower than all the other positions in the starting five. Add to that the fact that D'Antoni also wants this team to be a bunch of gunners. With all due respect to him, Kobe was never a top 3 point shooter. Nash probably could have that argument made for him, but he chooses to try and present these other guys with opportunities to score. Then the role players come in, and its been such a roller coaster season for them.

To begin winning regular season games, one would need to do whatever D'Antoni wants. Bring in his style of players. Then you can ask yourself the question, "would that group of players win a championship together?"

D'Antoni got close to the finals, but the spurs and their proven ways have always shut the suns out in the finals minutes of every series. One could then present the argument, that perhaps with Kobe Bryant on this team, he could be that one player to finally bring D'Antoni to the land that nobody would thought he'd ever make.

This is too confusing. What do we do!?!?!?!?!?!
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