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Default Re: The Stats Prove That Tom Brady Moves Ever Closer To Becoming The GOAT Quarterback

Originally Posted by Carbine
Yes, I've said numerous times that we overcame Peyton' poor play in the first two games of the run. But he also had his career defining game vs. the Patriots and then played against one of the best defenses of the 2000's in brutal conditions and played a big hand in helping us win the superbowl game.

Maybe if THE TEAM helped out a bit more during subsequent playoff runs we would have more titles.

Watch Tom Brady play next sunday.

Watch him when he hands the ball off. Ask yourself, is Brady blocking? Is he running the ball? Watch him when he passes the ball, does he block for himself? Does he throw the ball, and catch it himself?

Then watch him sitting on the bench for half the game.

Then tell me how in the **** it makes any sense how you and most everyone else judges quarterbacks.
I'm not judging him because he is more of a winner than he is. I'm judging him because he is better in the post-season and can adapt to better weather.

Peyton didn't even play that well in the Superbowl either. And yeah, like it's really hard to outplay Rex Grossman.

He didn't play well at all aside from that comeback in the AFC Championship game either and there would have no need for a comeback if he didn't play like shit in the first half anyways.

Peyton is a more skilled QB than Brady is. I don't think there is actual aspect that Brady is actually better than Manning in. Manning is more accurate with every type of pass, more mobile, etc. but the problem is that Manning does not utilize his skills in the playoffs as well as Brady does or in different weather conditions and that is why Brady is better.
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