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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

The Impossible, **** ratings they're stupid

The cinematography and score are outstanding and deserve Oscars. Naomi Watts was very good but I'll be honest, her performance is overhyped. 75% of it is looking in dire straits due to GREAT makeup. The person that deserves the acting praise is Tom Holland, the kid that plays Lucas. He's the actual lead, gets the majority of the screen time (for good reason), and absolutely destroys it, at 16 years old.

There're things I had problems with, the extreme contrivance of the reunion scene, the lack of scope of the tsunami other than wide landscape shots. It just felt very centered on the white victims, of which there were many in reality. Which is fine, I'm not going to lay racist claims at the film's feet like a lot of detractors are, I understand you've got to play to your audience, but it still felt wrong. I don't know how they could've done it differently, I don't make movies, but some semblance of appreciation for the complete and utter disaster that happened to tens of thousands of Thai people would've been appreciated. There a LOT of magical Thais in the movie. Maybe it would've made it overly long, I don't know, it just felt entirely too centered and focused.

Anyway, problems stated, it's still a very good movie and you should watch it for Tom Holland, if nothing else.
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