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Default Re: just received two trades, should I take them?

Originally Posted by TylerOO
I would do none of those. Iggy's steals will always keep him above Turner. What is turner better at? Rebounding (going off the top of my head)? It's much easier to make up for a couple boards, than for a couple steals.

I would easily take Wade. Wade isn't struggling from the line this year and thats one of the biggest advantages Dirk has. Dirk may get a couple more rebounds, but read above. Wades steals, blocks, and assists are much better.

Tyreke is constantly hurt this year and that whole team is a mess. He is a ballhog that will kill your FG%. AK is a great source of steals and blocks, like I said above, steals and blocks are harder to come by compared to points.

3 steals or 3 blocks are equal to like 30 points in my book.

Thank you, I ended up declining all the trades before I saw this post, but I appreciate your help
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