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Default Re: The Official No Fap 2013 Challenge

Holy sh!t. Day 3.


The wit and the observations and the funny are coming out from all directions man, I feel warm fulfilled and completely detached right now. Feeling as sharp as a knife and that knife is sharp.

Not even beign arrogant, but my presence automatically brought life to the party the other night. I could see people's moods visibly change when I talked to them. From unpleasant, arms crossed to being open, free, and enjoying the moment and expressing themselves. I don't even look good right now (frumpy hair and unshaved and just recovered from surgery) but I swear all kinds of people are being extremely receptive, warm, and friendly to me from all wakes of life. Similarly, there have been people in the past (mostly salesman type guys) who have absolutely owned the center of attention and it feels good to be around them. Like they have some special aura.

Killing it at the gym as well. Getting stronger ,faster, more stamina.
Knockingn down economics real fast.. touched base on Mises and going on to Keynes. It's nice to have a logical system of concepts to help in everyday decisions.

Maybe semen really is a holy powerful substance. It's got a bazillion vitamins and minerals. It's no surprise man has made incredible inventions.. ESPECIALLY sexually frustrated perpetual bachelors.

Maybe there's more to life than procreation. Maybe the stories are true.. That the celibate priests of the past really had fiery eyes and could rev up an audience and change a nation's fate.

Two things for ISHiots to dwelve in.

1) Try Qigong (especially older guys) Ancient Chinese Energy Art. Very helpful.

2) Take a quick look at the kind of skills fnecessary to excel in the future. Money is going to chase the tech-savvy, socially-skilled, well-rounded, multi-tasking, well-cultured dudes out there who don't get into traps like addictions or marriage. Well, technically it always did. But fellas do yourself a favor and get to working on them professional skills. You know what they say luck = when preparatio nmeets opportunity.

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