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Default Re: Reality Check on Gun Control

Originally Posted by iamgine
I thought the issue is banning rifles. Not all guns.

Still all based on a false premise. I can't support something that has an appeal to emotions (Sandy Hook shooting) and a strawman (all gun owners are mentally ill and will kill others if they get a hold of a gun).

The fact is most law abiding gun owners (including public workers such as cops) are sane individuals in possession of a firearm to protect themselves.

This is a fact.

The premise that an insane child who illegally possesses a firearm is a bad thing is something we all can agree to, but this has been generalized to include the "possession of a firearm in and of itself equates to violence." I don't see how a child who steals a gun from his mother and shoots up a school can equate logically to a law abiding, trained, sane adult (including cops) in possession of a firearm. This is a generalized fallacy.

Usually this can easily deceive those not verse in logic.

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