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Default Re: Dwight says his shoulder feels OK

Originally Posted by Frank Foley
Not your finest moment, DK. Concussions are serious business, and doctors are only now starting to realize the long-term side effects. The studies are terrifying--even sub-concussive trauma is enough to make your brain shrivel up, if it's over a long period. Look at what happened to Junior Seau, and it stops being so funny.

Basketball isn't football, but the fact is the dude had a concussion, and shouldn't be in a rush to get back. Pau doesn't have clearance from the team doctor, and so he can't play per the league's concussion policy. Rushing him back from having his face caved in would be needlessly risky. The concussion policy is actually a good thing, and there's no need to frame things in terms of macho he-man nonsensical bullshit, if you'll pardon the French.

I guess it was good and bad that the concussion policy came out. I remember Avery Johnson criticizing that earlier in the season. Its great because the player gets more rights. I just think if you feel good to go, and you produce in your daily activities normally, they should come back whenever.

And Pau has had a history of missing a few extra days for nagging injuries. Take for example when we first traded for him a few years back. Both, Dirk and Pau, suffered the same type of ankle sprain. Dirk came back after 1 or 2 games while Pau sat out a couple of weeks, in a critical part of the season where the lakers were making a playoff run. Kobe came out to say "Dirk was back immediately and Pau is taking forever"...something along those lines.

So when guys like me crack down hard on him, its because of this unanimous feeling that the man simply can't play through any level of pain. Its just kinda frustrating as a fan since these guys get the best healthcare, and a hole crap-load of money to go out and do their jobs.
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