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Default Re: Chip Kelly to the Eagles?

Do we bring back Vick on a pay cut now to better fit Chip? Would he even be willing to take a pay cut and stay here?

Do we go with Foles, who doesn't fit Kelly's offense at all? Does Kelly adapt his offense to the NFL and go with Foles? If we go with Vick was Foles a waste of a 3rd round pick?

Rumors of him wanting to switch to a 3-4 defense, does he do it? Does he not allow his D coordinator to make that decision? Outside of Kendricks, who benefits from a 3-4? We've seen Demeco struggle in it previously and we have small DE's.

Does Kelly have the personality to go from commanding a locker room of boys to one of men?

What do we do with that 4th pick? If a guy like Geno Smith is there, would Kelly take him to find a more mobile QB?

The only thing I like is that it will allow Desean/Shady/Maclin to get out in space and make people miss. But if there's no QB posing a running threat it doesn't open every aspect of his offense up.

So many questions now.
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