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Default Re: It needs to be discussed. Manning and his shortcomings

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
bullshit...Dirk was labeled a choker well before that...the 2006 Finals everyone called him a choker...I spent years in the NBA forum defending him lol.

Dirk was labeled a choker pretty much every year the Mavs lost up till they won a ring...

people wanted Dirk to give back his MVP...

all THE EXACT SAME SHIT you hear about Romo today was said about Dirk then..."he can't win the big game, chokes under pressure, etc etc etc"

It's funny how rings erase people's memories of the past

No, he won. So people said that Dirk is now no longer a choker. No one has rewrote that 2006 series, it's always either the Mavs choked or the refs suck.

It's like Eli, no one in NY says the first four years Eli was great. It was Eli came of age that one year. Players improve and change. If Romo wins the Super Bowl, it doesn't mean him chocking away those previous opportunities never happened. It means he changed. Like Eli did.

To validate someone as a great QB you need regular season success, good stats, and finally postseason success. The way you talk, you only really need the good stats.
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