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Default Re: It needs to be discussed. Manning and his shortcomings

It's really a question without an answer. Manning has three MVP awards, but just one Super Bowl win. Brady has three Super Bowl wins, and just one MVP.

We'd argue to no conclusion if we started to debate the Manning-vs.-Brady merits. So NBC posed the question to the 20 living quarterbacks enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The results? Manning, in a landslide.

The Colts QB garnered 13.5 votes to Brady's 2.5, with four abstentions. Joe Montana split his vote between the two.

Among the comments NBC's Andrea Kremer collected from the Hall of Famers:
"How can you choose between Rembrandt and Van Gogh?" -- Steve Young
"I love them both, but if you put a gun to my head and said which one do you choose, I'd say Peyton. Peyton has not had the players around him that Brady has had, but Peyton is a coach on and off the field." -- Fran Tarkenton
"Great stats are important, but the most important aspect is winning. That is all anyone remembers." -- Terry Bradshaw
"I like Brady, but if I was starting a team I would take Peyton Manning." -- George Blanda

.....and here is what happened since that voting

Peyton Manning:

3 first team all pro selections
1 MVP (possibly 2)
Superbowl Appearance

Tom Brady:

1 All Pro team
Superbowl Appearance
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