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Default Re: News: Lakers request disabled player exception for Jordan Hill

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
After that pick, people said they liked critt because he had really good potential, and a good attitude. Right after we got him, he scored 27 points in the first pre-season game against GSW. After the game he was super pissed because they had lost by one. All that was good enough to lure the Grizz into giving us Gasol. At that time it was a great move. Gasol is the main addition that made us contenders. But as far as current success, yes Brooks would have been great to have. He's a successful point guard while the other guy currently resides in some Jail somewhere for a murder.

In that deal the Grizz wanted Sun Yue over Marc Gasol......clearly Jerry West was influencing the deal from afar.....I think the deal would've gotten done no matter who we offered them. So had we taken Brooks we could still have him. I never like Critt, I saw him play in college and knew he'd be an NBA bust....100% certainty. We took him because he was familiar with the Triangle this fact doesn't make him a good player.....lazy on the Lakers part not to take the better player and train him

By the way, I heard Critt is still free on bail.......WTF, I can't believe from Aug 2011, they still haven't had the trial!!!
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