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Default Re: News: Lakers request disabled player exception for Jordan Hill

Originally Posted by DKLaker
In that deal the Grizz wanted Sun Yue over Marc Gasol......clearly Jerry West was influencing the deal from afar.....I think the deal would've gotten done no matter who we offered them. So had we taken Brooks we could still have him. I never like Critt, I saw him play in college and knew he'd be an NBA bust....100% certainty. We took him because he was familiar with the Triangle this fact doesn't make him a good player.....lazy on the Lakers part not to take the better player and train him

By the way, I heard Critt is still free on bail.......WTF, I can't believe from Aug 2011, they still haven't had the trial!!!

Like the analyst said though he wasn't really an "impact right away guy". They just said the kid had potential. With good reason I believe. I liked his ball handling skills, his range. Doesn't always translate. Jameer Nelson was supposed to be a star, look how that turned out. The draft to me is kind of like the stock market. You invest adequate time, and it'll either work out, or it wont.

I was mad about the Sun Yue thing too. If you remember that summer we drafted him, it was during the olympics I believe. Both Kobe and CP3 "tested" the kid out in an exhibition game against China and said "he's a pretty good guard". Remember that the lakers are business men. They want to win because it brings in money. They want stars because it brings in money. What in this case would be more unique than to bring in a possible starting chinese point guard? Everyone would flip and spend a lot of money to come watch this new Yao Ming type of player.

I agree that marc would have been better. If you dig deep enough, there was a thread I made about him after Spain killed Greece by 40 points in some sort of tournament and Marc was the MVP. I was talking about how much I wanted him. Then when we drafted him, I was super stoked, only to watch us trade him away for his older prettier brother lol...

And if Critt is still on bail then Im just as shocked too. Kid is nowhere near any level of "good" NBA player and they're giving him this much lee way? Damn.
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