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Default Re: has there ever been a greater combination of amazing shooter and dunker than durant?

fans and coaches were mentioning Michael Jordan as one of the best shooters in the NBA after the 80s. no one ever has or will consider the Durant among the best dunkers in the world. Michael Jordan not being a great shooter is a modern assumption. he was not a great outside shooter. But people didn't start judging shooting just by threes till like 2000.

you could find articles with people flatout calling Michael Jordan the best shooter in the NBA.

That said Vince is the obvious answer. And Kobe too. Again....shooting its not just from distance. Kobe is one of the best tough shot makers in the history of the game. And he happens to have 30 foot range as well. bigger gap between prime Kobe or Vince Carter to him as dunkers than Durant to them as shooters.

on the vast majority of usable court space Kobe in his prime is about as likely to make a shot from wherever he happens to be as anyone in the history of basketball. Durant is clearly more likely as you get farther away from the basket.....but its not like shooting was invented with the the point line or that most shots have been taken from there so why is that the only or even main consideration?

I'd say Durant compares pretty well to Michael Finley. both spectacular with power dunks one handed in traffic but not a lot of variety. I'd say mike jumped higher and finished with more power more consistently. but Kevin is a level or 2 up as a shot creator and maker of difficult shots. especially contested long range shots at which he may have 3 or 4 peers in the history of the game none of them being Finley.

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