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Default Re: Are You Disgusted By Fat People?

Originally Posted by Juges8932
Fatties absolutely disgust me. It shows they are weak (giving into cravings) and lazy (not going to the gym). Not attractive attributes at all. They are disgusting to look at and the plethora of excuses just makes it all the more annoying as ****.

"Oh, I don't have time"- yet, you have time to watch hours of TV or spend an hour shoveling food down your throat 5 times a day? You can't make time a few days of the week to get in the God damn gym?

"I love my body"- **** you, no you don't. You're just lazy. And if you did love your body, then you would take care of it.

"I have a thyroid condition"- if I got paid a dollar for everytime I heard this shit, I would be rich. So, all of you fatties just happen to be in the 1% of the population that was actually born with this condition? Right.

Amongst a whole plethora of other bs excuses they use. They are just that- excuses. I can always find excuses. Oh, I can't do my homework because in a week from now I will have to go to class. It's like what, that doesn't make any sense? Exactly.

I will never make fun of somebody who is in the gym and trying to change themselves for the better. But those that sit on their couch, dual-wielding a quadruple baconator and foot-long chili-cheese coney, deserve to be viewed as disgusting...because they are.

You have serious issues in your delusional world there, kid.
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