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Default Re: Deadspin: Manti Teos Dead Girlfriend is a hoax

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
If he made it up, I'm wondering if it was a way to lie to his family. His parents apparently talked to reporters about her. So perhaps he was gay and the girlfriend story was a way to keep his parents off his back before he became a national figure.

I haven't this much fun since trying to find out about Sarah Palin's crazy story about her pregnancy.
His father made claim that she visited him in Hawaii several times...which is another confusing bit here

I stated earlier in here that perhaps his parents knew he was gay and understood that if it got out he would be done in football, so they helped him with this lie.

but the hole in that again comes to "why fake her death and not just claim you broke up with her?"

there are so many confusing facets to this's nuts
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