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Default Re: "Blake Griffin is the most talented player not named LeBron in the NBA" -Charles

Originally Posted by STATUTORY
blake's only gift is his jumping ability. other than that he's got trex arms and average quickness/speed and coordination.

not even top 10 in physical gifts. but clueless fans are so enamored with vertical leap they don't see that

I think you are so enamored with his vertical leap that you can't see his other natural talents, like how fast, athletic, and coordinated he is. Blake is a freak of nature in many ways beyond just leaping.

Barkley is close. Blake is #3 in talent. But he is FAR from being the third best player. that's a whole different story. I'd take Durant #2. His speed, athleticism, and hand-eye-coordination are unreal for a guy that size.

and while we're at it, you know who else is a freakish talent? Paul George.
but 'talent' is a subjective term. it means different things to different people.

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