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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by miller-time
Yes, after the fact. In the same way I believe they took advantage of 9/11 to enter the middle east. That doesn't mean they necessarily orchestrated it though.

But your interpretation of the interviews is still only speculation. You are talking about expected behaviour in regards to an incredibly rare and tragic event. I watched the interview and I agree the levity was higher than you probably would expect, but there is no reason to believe that this behaviour would be consistent throughout their entire ordeal. You are looking at this one piece of information and extrapolating someones entire psychological profile from it. You don't know ANYTHING about these people.

there is proof of a conspiracy in regards to 9/11... people like to say there isn't any proof... But the proof is there. I mean, I'd love to take a Boeing and nose dive it in same field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania to show you guys what a real plane crash would look like... People like to take this PROOF and twist it around to suggest flight 93 was shot down so we could stop AQ from hitting their fourth target... give me a break. (that's one of the many examples of PROOF)

A dozen people acting odd days after the Newtown shooting is not proof... you are correct... But if people have done the amount of research I've done on Sandy Hook, you'd be a fool to NOT be skeptical.

with 9/11 being the conspiracy that it is... setting up a Sandy Hook Hoax would be a walk in the park for these people... It would be easy to fake.
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