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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by Maniak
Kids are dead, so you're seen as insensitive the moment you even think it could be a conspiracy.

Well, I was reading a thread on a forum that an article about the shooting was written like 2 or 3 days before the shooting per google's little text that shows you when something was written (if that makes sense, the words I'm looking for aren't coming to me).

You could just say it's a glitch or something but it's never wrong otherwise, and there's too much sample of it not being wrong for you to say something like that logically.

I feel wrong for thinking it could be some big conspiracy because of those involved. But I think to discredit a conscpiracy solely because there are children involved is stubborn

My point was the people here ONLY see it as a conspiracy. They could give a rats ass about kids being shot, the moment it happened they started looking for interesting tidbits like it's a movie to analyze. That's strange to me. Kids got shot, wow interesting. Let me look for inconsistencies so i can post them on youtube for my friends and blame the govt.

When did this become normal?
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