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Default Re: Question about a possible Gasol for Josh Smith trade

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
you of all people (not blaming) should know he is exception defensively....thats what matters as of now...and he can run.....His 15-20ft is money tough....

I want to get Smith+Korver _ Stevenson for Gasol/blake/ebanks

Smith is like EClark on 100 times steriods.....


& bench of

should help a lot to the lakers

I am even willing to do 3way with minny

smith, korver, barea/ridnor coming to lakers
Stevenson, d morris/meeks going to minny
ATl getting pau/blake

Maybe you misunderstand me.
I like Josh Smith and have wanted him.....but if you have a coach who won't use him properly then what is the point?
The way I would use Pau right now would have everyone to him.......but we have a coach who just doesn't get it and doesn't have a clue how to use players.....he has his one little failed system and that's all he's got. No adjustments and worse yet, no desire to play defense, he doesn't want lock down defenders in the game, he would love to have 10 Euro shooters who could run the floor and jack up blind shots.
'Antoni would probably end up benching Josh

No, I don't think his 15-20ft is Money.....and if 'Antoni didn't want Pau to shoot at that range, what makes you think he would want Josh at that range? You, Me.....and most of us would know how to use him but we have a coach who doesn't and that is what I'm addressing.

I love defense and rebounding.
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