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Default Re: Alvin Gentry and the Suns agree to part ways

Originally Posted by Levity
Thanks for the insight.

how did you like gentrys rotations? starting dudley at the 2 with tucker at the 3 and beasely pretty much falling out of the line up, at least until dudley was out for a couple games

would you like to see the recent starting 5 stay intact? dragic, dudley, tucker, scola, gortat.
or do you think a switch up is in order? move brown back into the starting 5? or morris? etc.
I would like to see that starting 5 stay intact until trades can be made and we can try something different. Or, TBQH, I wouldn't mind at some point in the season, trying a "big ball" starting lineup with Dragic, Tucker, Scola, Morris, Gortat in the starting 5 and let Kendall Marshall get development minutes off the bench in a rotation with Telfair at SG, Dudley at SF, Luke Zeller at PF, and J O'Neal at C.

Just a little experimental lineup to try to see how players adapt to different roles, and to get the young developmental players some extra minutes. You could argue that our jumpshooting would be terrible in the starting lineup, but isn't it already terrible as it is? Going full on big could at least create some matchup problems, and being able to get Morris consistent starting time without the cost of Scola's minutes would be nice.

Of course Beasley and Brown would fit somewhere into this lineup, but where in that lineup would be ultimately up to them. Whether they're starting, 2nd string, or garbage minutes is going to really rely on how they produce when they get their chances. I think these are the types of players that need a fire lit under them in order to get the most effort out of them. Gentry just let them chuck and miss so much that they've gotten used to it and don't care anymore. Neither are very smart, so they need a coach to be smart for them and show them the way.

Cut off their minutes almost completely at first, but tell Beasley he can earn more and more just by showing 100% effort every minute he's on the court(worry about his shooting numbers later) and tell Brown he can earn more and more by showing he can pass the ball and actually have a better shot selection rather than chucking it every time it's passed to him. I think it will be good for both of them. Give them an opportunity to earn bigger roles on the team just by gradually rewarding them with minutes the more they fix their chronic mistakes, and cut back on the rewarding when they fall back into their old habits.

I hope our next coach can implement some kind of disciplinary reward/punishment system for players like this who have terrible habits out on the court. Sometimes I think that's the only way to get people to change their bad habits is to give them an ultimatum.
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