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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

How did you guys like the Conga Line of Heat Players scoring in the paint?
That was the most pathetic defense I have ever seen in my life, I'm telling you guys, the team has no concept of where to go in any situation and no awareness of rotations.....we very seriously need someone to come in and teach defense. Individually we are good but as a team we are completely lost so every pick & roll, screen, back cut or anything other than 1 on 1 leads to layups if they want blood would boil if any of my teams played like that for even 3 minutes, I'd put them in defense only 2hr practices for a week.

WTF was 'Antoni thinking when they were trapping Nash at the top?
He was too stupid to know that they were doing it because Pau was his only outlet at the top, 30 feet away from the basket. Pau is no threat for at least another 15 feet after he gets the pass and is slow footed, he cannot make the Heat pay for this. If that was Kobe then they couldn't have trapped Nash. 'Antoni failed to see this, make adjustments or do anything intelligent.

I get mad every game when Dwight has the ball in the you EVER see anyone cut to the fking basket? Do you ever see anyone move in for a rebound......NO, the other 4 guys just spot up for 3's like a bunch of dummies, just like 'Antoni tells them to do
Did you see how much cutting the Heat did? Guys are constantly moving and getting angles, open opportunities and layups.

I have to be 100% honest, I was extremely impressed by both the offense and especially the defense of the Heat, their rotations were sick, they played together as a team and if they went to help, someone immediately covered their man....unlike what the Lakers do. A lot of the stuff they did is the stuff I coach, in fact it looked at one point that they were running a defense I created 10 years ago....either stolen or just coincidence but my mouth dropped open. They had multiple defenses that threw the Lakers off. I smell Pat Riley's influence in all of this, If Spo is really learning this stuff then he's getting scary good.

If I were 'Antoni I would use tape of that game and copy everything that the Heat did on defense.....the whole fact I think I saw a couple new things that I want to steal.....need to review it and re-check what i think i saw.

That being said....Fk The Heat, FK Wade, Lebron traitor Allen, Spo and all of them
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